Proudly Presented by The Odom Corporation & MillerCoors

12:00PM- End of Tournament
Are you interested in surrounding yourself with luxury and exclusivity? What a silly question. Of course, you are. At Club 18, we don't want you to miss out on the most exclusive eight hours of the year (and your life) just because you may not be chic enough. The truth is, you're not - but if you've got the dough, we have a spot for you. Club 18 has photographers at every corner waiting to capture you having the time of your life making your little peon friends green with envy. Because we can't risk any of our attendees being photographed at an unfortunate angle, we require that all guess possess physical perfection. We're sure you understand.

Single and too hot to trot? Perfect. All of our singles are guaranteed to match with a beautiful partner who is sexy, wealthy, and has had professional massage therapy training (as every partner should). Just be your mediocre self and someone is likely to find the one great thing that makes you sparkle - even if it is just your vocabulary or bargain manicure. At Club 18, we have drinks, we have dancing, and most importantly, we've got Rockstars. Of course, you don't have to choose the company of just one. Feel free to take your pick of any Rockstar you see that looks especially delectable. We highly suggest you don't skip this event if you do, well, we won't miss you.
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