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Breathe For Gina

Gina Moriarty (Pfau) has lived in Spokane, WA her whole life.  She was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when she was 2.  At that time, the average life expectancy for a person with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) was about 18 years old and I am excited to say that Gina recently celebrated her 30th Birthday on Jan 10th.

Living with CF has not been easy.  Gina has always had a consuming medical regimen to keep herself healthy.  This consists of daily chest percussions, breathing treatments 2-3 times per day, and 40+ prescription pills daily to help with digesting her food properly and reducing respiratory infection. She also had a feeding tube for 10 years to assist her in gaining weight and improving her nutritional status. Eventually, Gina needed additional antibiotics to keep her healthy and by age 10 she would need to go into the hospital 1 time per year.  Over the year, her antibiotics and hospitalization increased to 4 times a year. After spending 1 week in the hospital she would often extend the antibiotics at home for 3 additional weeks.

Despite having Cystic Fibrosis Gina was determined to live a "normal & active" life-style.  She actively participated in Campfire, played softball and worked at the neighborhood Albertson's store.  She graduated from University High School in 2002.  After High School, she went to Spokane Community College to become a medical assistant and worked for Dermatology Specialists of Spokane. Here she met some of the greatest friends she will ever have. She wanted to further her career, so she continued to pursue more schooling and graduated in May 2013 with an Esthetician degree so she could work in the Laser and Cosmetic center at the Dermatology clinic.  

Gina is the youngest of 6 children and enjoys spending time with family and friends.  On Sept. 8, 2014 she will celebrate her 2 year wedding anniversary to her amazing and highly supportive husband, John Moriarty. Gina has a very bubbly personality. She is kind hearted, determined and she has a giving spirit.  She loves kids and has 13 nieces and nephews that completely adore her.

Gina has been battling Cystic Fibrosis her whole life. Her health has deteriorated significantly over the last year and now she is in desperate need of a double lung transplant. She is currently in the process of setting up the initial evaluation for getting on the lung transplant list. As you all know, Gina is such an amazing person, wife, daughter, many and ALL! Please help "Breathe for Gina" and support her toward her journey to new lungs.

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Favorite Holiday: Christmas - I love seeing kids face so excited  
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite pastime: The first family photo where we tried to make a pyramid with my 5 siblings  
Favorite Movie: Across The Universe
Favorite Music: Country
Favorite Color: Green
Dream Vacation: Fiji  
Proudest Moment: Marrying my husband
Favorite Words of Wisdom: Believe Impossible Things
Role Model: My mother