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Thank You Everyone! The Kahuna was a success once again in 2018!

Sad News from Kahuna HQ

For 12 years our closest friends would get together every summer for an afternoon and help raise money for the Spokane community. What started out as a way to remember those who had left to soon and transformed into helping support those in need, it’s been an amazing journey. From 18 holes with 75 friends and a 8’x 8’ UW tent to a double shot gun with over 300 amazing individuals and massive 18th hole “skybox,” with the help of everybody involved from family to life long friends, to new friends met along the way we were able to raise in excess of $100,000 over the last decade.

From our tournament staff, the countless volunteers, players, guests, sponsors, and even anonymous donors we were able to create the greatest golf event in the Spokane area.  It simply became the Kahuna and its success was due to each and every one of you.  It was a charity fundraiser, a golf tournament, and a family reunion mixed into one magical weekend, and sadly it has come to an end.

With as much joy as it brings us to remember each and everyone of you, it saddens everyone here at Kahuna HQ to inform you all that this year was the last Big Kahuna. With the closing of our beloved golf course, we do not see how we could pull off this event at any other location. The staff at Sun Dance basically gave us the keys to the course for one weekend a year and we took full advantage of their generosity. We’ve weighed all possible options and feel as much as we were a part of Sun Dance Golf Course, Sun Dance Golf Course was a major part of our event.

With this news we all want to personally thank each and every one of you for your dedication year after year, your continued support and sponsorships, your continued hard work every year, and most importantly your continued friendships that will last forever.

So until we see each other again we will say thank you one last time from everybody ever involved on our side.